Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tessa's Birth Story

The story began Saturday morning March 2nd  2013 around 9:00am.  I had been expecting this birth to begin during the night or while I was out somewhere with Tian and all of a sudden  maybe my water would break.  I actually tried to stay home quite a bit the days before my due date just feeling like I could handle things better if I was at home when the labor started than if I was out somewhere.  But this birth started very similar to my first and in many ways was much the same.  And this was nice because it allowed for Troy to be here, and for me to be relaxed and stress-free.

So around 9am I started having mild contractions and had the feeling like this could be it.   They were steady coming about every 8-12 minutes but mild and I was able to get dressed, eat, play with Tian, etc.   I told Troy "Please go get your stuff packed and start packing the car because this is happening today."  So he started getting things ready while I sat on the couch with Tian watching Mickey Mouse or Bubble Guppies and started timing my contractions and relaxing for the harder stuff to come.   And come it did.   After lunch Troy took Tian to nap and I remember still feeling like things were going pretty easy.   Fairly mild contractions every 7-8 minutes.  But around 3:30pm the contractions started getting harder and I began to feel like maybe we better call the doctor and see what they thought........especially since this was the second child.   I honestly was kind of nervous that I might wait too long and not make it to the hospital on time.   So I called my practice, which has anywhere from 12 doctors that could have been on call, and it turned out to be the same doctor that delivered Tian.   She said to wait a little while longer until the contractions were a little closer together and more intense and then come in.   Well a little over an hour later I decided they were "too intense".   So I called again, called our babysitter to come and watch Tian and we headed in.   We were at the hospital by 7pm and my contractions were coming faster now - every 3 or 4 minutes and were getting stronger.   So they took me to the observation room right away to observe me and sure enough it was time for me to be there.......7 centimeters and 100%....... I was ready to be in the hospital for active labor.    

Active labor continued for another couple of hours and I remember thinking this seems a lot more intense than it did the first time around with Tian.   But I was determined to make it through again with no epidural and Troy did a great job relaxing me through each contraction.   I found if I just leaned on him and relaxed my body the contractions were managable and seemed to pass quickly.   I was encouraged to lay some on my side though as the baby's heartrate was dipping with each contraction.   As it turned out she had the cord wrapped around her neck so when I was having a contraction it was squeezing the cord.  

Eventually it was time to push and while most of the labor had been similar to my first this was far from that.   While I pushed 3 hours with Tian my first-born this time I only had to push 3 minutes.   And these 3 minutes seemed like forever when the 3 hours of pushing had not been nearly as intense.   But finally Tessa Soleil was born at 10:03pm only 2 hours before her actual due date.   She weighed in at 9lbs 9oz and 21.5 inches long.  And getting to hold her right away was a treat:)

Once again I had a great birthing experience.  I am so happy I chose to experience both births naturally using the Bradley Method with Troy as my coach and support.   I really feel like it aloud for us to experience the birth as a team.   And I am so thankful for a birth and pregnancy that went smoothly without any complications to allow me to have a natural labor.  

Thanking God for a beautiful new life that we know have to share on our journey.

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