Monday, August 30, 2010

So I guess alot can happen in a year which is why I haven't posted anything in over a year. Since my last post back in August of 2009 I have made 2 more blackberry pies (with berries right from our garden), made it through another gardening season with thousands of cucumbers and tomatoes, saw my sister get engaged and began helping to plan a wedding (wedding coming in less than 2 months), received my masters in music education from Penn State, spoke at a graduation commencement, took "early" retirement from teaching at Hershey Christian School, and became a mother (or will be very shortly) with Baby Boy Mouer scheduled to arrive this Friday, September 3rd. I guess that basically sums up why the blog postings halted for much of 2010.

But now with the baby on the way and the desire to share many pictures and stories I believe the blog will now resume and most likely take on a more "baby" friendly look. So stay tuned for more to come and in the meantime here are a couple of pictures from the last several months of Baby Mouer.

19 weeks
1st ultrasound
2nd ultrasound - Baby Boy Mouer's feet

28 weeks

34 weeks