Monday, January 30, 2012

Tian's Top 10 favorite toddler apps

After a month of using the new family IPAD (thanks to Uncle Adam) I thought I would take a moment and share some of our favorite toddler apps we have found for Tian. I am always searching the web for other moms' suggestions on toddler apps and thought I would share some of ours for the benefit of other moms. Most of the apps we tried for free then bought the full versions as we saw how much he enjoyed them.

10. City Vehicles - Free trial version or purchase the full app. What little boy doesn't like trucks and cars honking and driving on a road?
9. Color Drops - Free app for coloring on a blank screen or coloring pages to choose from. Great for doodling toddlers.
8. Piano Cats - Free app with cats as the keys on the piano that meow the pitches of the notes. Most likely one of Tian's favorites since these cats will actually let him touch them and respond back to his screams.
7. Explore the Animal Kingdom - Free app with animal pictures and animal noises.
6. I Hear Ewe - Free app with animal picture graphics and animal noises as well as some vehicle graphics and vehicle noises.
5. Tempo the Tiger (Baby Genuis) - Free trial version or purchase the full version. Has a great echo feature where you can talk to Tempo and he repeats what you say. Tian thinks this is hilarious.
4. Peekaboo Wild - App must be purchased. Different and unique animals than any of the other Peekaboo apps.
3. There's a Lion in my Backyard - Free trial version or purchase the full version. Another app to search for animals with great animal sounds and fun graphics.
2. Peekaboo Forest - App must Be purchased. Really beautiful animal artwork by Charley Harper. Great music and animal sounds as well.
1. Peekaboo Barn - Free trial version or purchase the full version. Great animal noises and animal graphics and definetly Tian's most played app.


So I have been in this funk recently where I have just been having a "whoa is me attitude" towards several things in life. I could have chalked it up to the pain medication after my foot surgery or I could have blamed it on the dark winter months but no I realized it was a little more than that. And today (like the sunshine breaking in the windows from outside) God has brought light into my heart to help me out of the funk.
So you may ask what did it involve.........

1. Me being willing to listen to Him.
2. Taking the initiative to do what He asked......start a prayer journal and journal of Thanksgiving.
3. Him taking away the funk and providing light through that yuckiness.

So if you are going through a funk check it it really the winter blues or that bean burritto you just ate? Or is there a little bit more of a heart issue that needs dealing with. Let God clear out the funk.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

16 months

What a great 2 months we have had since the last blog I posted. Tian is now 16 months and over the last 2 months has done a lot. He celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas as a 1 year old and was a little more aware of things than last year when he was 3 months old. For Thanksgiving we got to spend the day with my parents at a Thanksgiving buffet and it was wonderful. There was no cooking or cleanup involved so we were able to just enjoy family and have a nice peaceful day:) And since I never posted a Thanksgiving blog I thought I would just take a moment and share my top 5 things I am thankful for this year.
5. Being able to stay at home with my son and share in his daily experiences and adventures.
4. Wonderful Family (Mouers and Hertleins) and the time we get to spend together throughout the year even on SKYPE:)
3. Loving and Supportive Husband who is a wonderful provider for our family, hardworker and great father.
2. Good health for myself and my family throughout the year.
1. Joy of my salvation and peace of knowing God is in control of my life.
We are truly blessed and I thank God everyday for all he has given me in my life - everday is a blessing.

Over the last 2 months we have also been going through a kitchen remodel and things are finally starting to look like a finished product as I write this. While it has been somewhat difficult not having a dishwasher, kitchen sink or stove we have made things work with a crockpot and microwave and have a had a little fun in the process. And while it has been somewhat difficult keeping a curious 1 year old from open walls, wet paint, nails, will be all worth it when the finished product is done and he has a new kitchen to explore:) Thanks to my husband for planning such a great kitchen design and working so hard on making it so nice for us! Cooking is going to be fun!

Tian and I started decorating for Christmas around Thanksgiving time so we have been enjoying Christmas for awhile. This year I bought a 4 foot white Christmas tree with felt, soft and non breakable ornaments so Tian could play with the tree. And it was a good thing because the first day we put it up he pulled the tree onto himself and was taking off the ornaments and throwing them. Since then it has calmed down some and now he just likes playing with the animal ornamets that are on the tree and pointing at them and making the sounds they make. What fun:) We also put up some window clings that he loves playing with and pretty much ALL baby proof decorations. We will have to wait a couple years to put the silver Christmas tree back up and some of the other decorations.

We also had a great time with our families over the Christmas weekend. We spent 2 days with my family the Hertleins and 2 days with the Mouers. Tian's favorite present from mama and dada seemed to be a small wooden train that he opened and played for a record 15 minutes straight saying choo choo over and over. His Christmas was also filled with many tractors thanks to the grandmas, a basketball hoop so he can start early, and lots of fun time playing with cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents. What a wonderful 2 months and year we have had.

At 16 months Tian is understanding a lot and starting to communicate pretty well.

He continues to amaze me daily and is such a fun little boy.

Looking forward to 2012 and all the fun in store for us.
Happy New Year!