Sunday, November 6, 2011

14 months

14 months!!!!! What a wonderful age:) I remember when Tian was just a newborn thinking I don't want him to ever grow up, this is such a wonderful time. Then I think about how each month has just been as great as the last with new and exciting things and I think to myself - I think every age is going to special. To quote the words of another mom who said to me the other day (and she has teenage boys) - "It just keeps getting better and better." I have a feeling she might be right. So I am enjoying these 14 month old moments......... Lots of hugs and kisses (he now blows kisses too), giggling at mama's silly faces, thinking it's fun to help me dust and clean, clapping when he is excited, seeing the understanding on his face when we tell him to do things, and wanting to be with mama and dada ALL THE TIME (Which is why I wasn't sure if I would get to write a 14 month blog). Are there any not so perfect moments? Ok well yes maybe like today when he threw a small tantrum when I wouldn't let him put on his own chapstick or when he wanted to continually try and go across the street to see the dog next door and didn't understand why he couldn't cross the street by himself. Yes there are some challenging moments. But for every challenging moment there are always those giggles or hugs or kisses and the challenging moments are gone in the blink of an eye. And I once again I think to myself 14 months is great!