Wednesday, March 14, 2012

101 ways to keep Tian from climbing the walls (literally)!

Now that Tian has started his new skill - climbing - I have realized the time has come for me to return to my teaching days. I thought I would not be doing lesson planning again for quite awhile but the time has come........daily preplanned activities for my little "over active" boy.

So I have decided to start posting the things we do and while I don't have 101 things that we have done yet, probably by tomorrow I might:). And thanks to my new favorite app (Pinterest) lesson planning has been pretty easy! And I have also realized messy stuff is pretty easy to cleanup if it keeps a toddler occupied for more than 2 minutes.

#1 - Indoor Sandbox (made with flour and baby oil) that kept Tian busy for 45 minutes!

#2 - Homemade Finger Paint or if it turns out more like slime go with it.

#3 - Cook up some soup

#4 - Go Outside

#5 - Go Outside (to a playground)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

18 months

18 months have passed since Tian Elliot came into the world and I sometimes try and remember what life was like when he wasn't here. I can't quite remember those diaper-free, sleeping through the night, and sleeping in on Saturday days! But then again why would I even want to.......Life has forever been changed and in a good way:)
As Tian continues to grow it is so much fun to watch him learn and develop. Some of my favorite moments are watching him discover new things making me appreciate and wonder more at the simple things around me.
Like in other month posts I always like to post some highlights for the last several months but this time I thought I would share some favorite events and some not so favorite events. Regardless they all brought many laughs:)

Favorite things of the last 2 months........
1. Tian riding in the shopping cart car at Giant.
2. Trying to work more on Potty Training (Yeah - Tian learned to sit down on his potty by himself and enjoys getting stickers for using the potty correctly!)
3. Tian starting to dance more to music and singing La La's.
4. Tian starting to communicate more verbally. Like when he wakes up and walks over to the stairs and starts yelling "dada" to see if dada hasn't left for work yet. Or saying "out please" to get out of his high chair. Or chasing the cat around the house and yelling "kitty" at the top of his lungs.
5. Tian's new interest in coloring and scribbling. A nice sit down relaxing activity for Tian and mama:)

Least favorite things of the last 2 months......
1. Tian no longer wanting to sit in normal shopping carts while mama shops but instead squirming and screaming to be let out of the cart. Needless to say there haven't been too many shopping trips except to Giant.
2. Trying to work more on Potty Training (When Tian didn't quite sit down on his potty in time and I walked into the room to find a little pile of something NEXT to the potty.)
3. Tian's first stomach virus and mama's first time getting vomitted on.
4. Teething that never seems to end and when will the teeth pop through?
5. Tian's new ability and fascination with climbing on EVERYTHING........toilets, couches, chairs, coffee tables, etc.

Happy 18 months Tian!