Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So I've been thinking recently about change and the whole process of it. I used to hate change. I liked everything to be in order. I liked knowing what was coming. I liked living and knowing that things were safe and steady. But recently I have begun to see the beauty in change.

As I sit typing this post, Troy is busy working away on a wall in our living room. We recently removed some horrible wood paneling from the wall and have begun the process of changing it. When we first took off the old paneling it looked horrible. There were a few holes in the wall, some ugly old wallpaper in a few spots and cracks in some of the corners. I had to wonder and worry if it would ever look good. Why did we even take the wood paneling off?

But the process of change has begun. The holes have been covered. Drywall has been put up to cover up that horrible wallpaper. And with just a little paint this wall is going to be beautiful.

Seeing the beauty of change happen before my eyes with this wall makes me think of the beauty that can happen in the changes in life.

Many times change comes and doesn't look so good. It can be ugly. It can hurt. It can look like there is nothing good to come. It can even make us question where God is.

But just like the changing of the wall these changes that occur in our lives can bring about amazing beauty and good through the hurt and ugliness. God is there working amongst the bad to bring about something even greater.

I encourage you today if you are going through change don't dwell on the possible hurt and pain of the now. Look for the beauty that God will reveal or is revealing through the process.