Thursday, July 19, 2007


Two days ago I sat on the bus ready to go home from a long day of classes at PSU. I was tired, had a million things to do when I got home and sat in a half being sort of state with only a few stops to go. That's when a girl got on the bus who I couldn't help but notice. It was obvious she had been crying and as I looked at where she had just come from I began to think of her reasons for crying (the bursor's office). Maybe she had just found out she had a bill she couldn't pay and couldn't come back to school. Or maybe she had found out she had just failed a class and had to pay for it all over again. The possibilites kept coming and I thought to myself that she looks like she needs someone to talk to about it.

BUT then my bus stop was there and I got off with thoughts of her following me like the fumes of the bus as it pulled away.

Yesterday I sat on the bus in pretty much the identical situation. Long day of classes, ready to go home, half being state of mind. I looked up this time and saw a girl holding a Bible. I wanted to ask her what she had been reading, what God had been teaching her, did she even believe in God?, why was she carrying her Bible -- for a class or herself?

BUT then my bus stop was there and I got off with thoughts of her following me like the fumes of the bus as it pulled away.

So now there is today. These fumes (thoughts) are still in my head. I am thinking how many times there are so many things going on around me that I think I miss as I am in a tired, half being, selfish state of mind. I think of how Jesus must have felt after a long day of teaching and doing miracles but still always had time for the people around him. I am thinking about why God allowed me to see these two as I obviously pass so many other by without even looking. And I am wondering how to step out of my comfort zone and actually verbalize the thoughts that come into my mind in these situations.

So I will be getting on the bus again soon, and today I am looking a little closer and hopefully will the hear the Spirit's leading a little clearer as to what to do with what I see.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I saw God today.......

(in the purring of my cat sitting beside me)

(in the bloom of a summer daisy)

(in a baby's smiling eyes)

..........and He is beyond beautiful.

A Poem

Someday I'll sit by the ocean

Someday I'll sit by the sea

And Jesus will sit beside me

With answers, truth and peace.

Today I sit by the ocean

Today I sit by the sea

And the waves come crashing around me

Washing away truth and peace.

Friday, July 6, 2007

The new look

Yeah I know the new look is pretty cool on my blog huh? Thanks to my amazing, creative boyfriend I now have this amazing new header. Thanks Troy!!! :)