Saturday, April 19, 2014

I love my life!

Getting to wake up each morning to these two cute faces! (Usually one of them curled up next to me in the bed.)  And then I get to spend the entire day doing nothing but hanging out with them.  Ok there might be the occasional food spill I need to cleanup, poopy diapers, wiping bums, numerous food services and cleanups (breakfast, lunch and dinner is not enough for 2 growing toddlers), toys cleanups, etc, etc, etc.  So I guess I wouldn't say DOING NOTHING! 

But every moment no matter what is involved is awesome because I am hanging out with 2 of my favorites:) 

I have had a lot of special times in my life and have loved them all but this time in my life is definitely one of the most special times. 

I am treasuring every hour, every minute, every second because it is so precious!

Love you kiddos:)